Merck Boiler Feedwater System Design


RO Skid




The Liebert Engineering, Inc. Team was hired to design an 1100 GPM high purity boiler feedwater system and a 600 GPM condensate polishing system. The systems serve all make-up water and condensate polishing needs for the company’s manufacturing site. In addition, the boilers are used to generate a portion of the site’s electricity. Because of the critical nature of this system, special attention was given to maximizing reliability and serviceability.

The feedwater system design included backwashable mulitmedia filtration, chemical injection, feedwater heating, 3 stage reverse osmosis, atmospheric degasification, regenerable mixed bed ion exchange, and storage and distribution equipment. The condensate recovery and polishing system consisted of storage, pumping, prefiltration, and powdered resin, backwashable polishers. Support systems included chemical storage and transfer, RO cleaning skid, mixed bed regeneration, and precoat resin delivery system for the condensate polishers. Responsibilities included 3D PDMS model development for all trades and development of detailed control system parameters.

Of Special Note: System Designed from the Ground Up including a new 2 story, 14,000 sq ft building specifically designed to house the DI Water and condensate polishing systems and all associated support systems, including mechanical, electrical, and controls. Efficiency Improvements were achieved by the incorporation of Heat and Wastewater Recovery Systems and Variable Frequency Drives for most pumps

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