Forensic Engineering Investigation & Litigation Support

Forensics engineering is essentially a failure analysis program for litigation support. The goal of such a program is to positively identify the sequence of events leading to ultimate failure.

After an accident, forensics engineers examine broken parts and bring together a list of probable failure mechanisms to be investigated. Interviews are conducted to determine a sequence of events. Drawings, specifications, and operational procedures are reviewed. As-built dimensions and operating parameters are compared to design requirements.

The final step in forensics engineering is to use analytical and testing tools to confirm the findings of fact.  The forensics engineer becomes an expert witness in support of the findings. He is also responsible for reviewing the technical aspects of the opposition's case.

Clients can depend on Liebert Engineering for experienced expert testimony and trial exhibits that tell the story in the most comprehensible manner possible – from videos that show test results, to computer animation, to actual test demonstrations in the courtroom. The company can also safeguard physical evidence and has sophisticated tools to evaluate and test evidence.

We can conduct case reviews, both first party and third party, to assist in determining the strengths and weaknesses of the reports by the experts on both sides of a case. This can assist in determining if the case should be pursued. If the case is already in litigation, we can assist in both educating the client as to the technical matters involved in the case and in preparing for the examination of opposing experts and lay witnesses.

Our versatile experience in both engineering design and forensic investigation allows us to approach each project with superior knowledge and attention to detail.  Due to our technical expertise, in-depth investigation and thorough analysis, most of our forensic cases settle before going to trial.

In short, Liebert Engineering’s clients argue their cases with confidence, secure in the knowledge that the claims its engineers make are based on unbiased scientific data.

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