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Forensic Engineering is a relatively new engineering discipline that has evolved from Reliability Engineering. It is the branch of engineering that studies the Physics of Failure.  At Liebert Engineering we have mastered the basic technical skills of engineering in addition to being knowledgeable in the codes and industry standards relating to design, construction, manufacturing, equipment and a wide range of products. A Forensic Engineer must also be capable of defending his findings in court of law under the fierce scrutiny of cross-examination.

A Forensic Engineer is responsible for technically sound and unimpeachable answers to three basic questions: 

1. What happened?
2. Why did it happen?
3. How could it have been prevented?

Liebert Engineering offers mechanical engineering expertise in the analysis of mechanical system and component failures related to building systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), boilers, chillers, pumps, exhaust fans, ductwork, piping); industrial processes (process piping, pumps, motors, material handling systems, ASME pressure vessels, storage systems), manufacturing equipment and a wide range of products.

We will provide clear, concise answers to your questions, and provide you with a full report, documented with photographs, so you have everything you need to settle the issue.

Our mission is to help find the answer to what really happened. We do this through concise, courteous, timely, technically accurate, courtroom defensible evaluations. We do it by using unbiased, highly qualified, and experienced consultants. Clients rely on our findings to determine the validity of pursuing claims/cases. To slant results in any direction makes findings indefensible. We are proud of our record in court, and the results clients get from our findings.

If you are looking for accurate, objective findings, contact Liebert Engineering today. If we don’t specialize in the field of your need, we will recommend a colleague whom we know to share our philosophy of objectivity.

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