Cleanroom Design Services

Whether designing a new facility or renovating an existing one, SMRT has the experience and resources to find the best solution and successfully complete your project on schedule.

Liebert Engineering is highly skilled at clean facility programming. We integrate five quantitative elements during our programming process: 

  • Process Tool List
  • Layout Drawings
  • Utility Matrix
  • Project Budget
  • Project Schedule

We provide a full spectrum of engineering and commissioning services geared to the rapid growth and changing requirements of advanced technology facility design.

Liebert Engineering will undertake an upgrade or retrofit of your facility without production downtime and work to control cost of the project by:

  • Designing to the appropriate level of contamination control required
  • Designing utilities to be easily connected & disconnected
  • Designing for changing conditions
  • Designing utilities to flow at adequate rates, constant pressure and typical levels of purity
  • Placing much of the process equipment outside of the cleanroom
  • Maintaining a project schedule

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