Building Sciences

With facilities managers increasingly focused on bottom-line results, the lessons learned from building sciences can bring about significant building operating and maintenance cost savings. Building Sciences is essentially a process of diagnosing facility problems and providing solutions, employing a "holistic" view that takes into account all the elements of a building.Perhaps more importantly, Building Sciences can be employed as part of a preventive strategy, helping to anticipate problems and implement corrective actions before failures occur.
 Liebert Building Sciences (LBS) is a leading building science and forensics firm which focuses on inspection, investigation, analysis, resolution and implementation.  

We understand buildings’ science and the potential pitfalls that come with constructing them. Each project and geographic location yields a different set of challenges, and we provide comprehensive building science consulting to meet those critical conditions. 

Our strong knowledge of engineering, building materials/systems, and building science are invaluable in “recreating the scene” to analyze building failures, determining energy optimization plans for aging structures, or diagnosing “sick” or contaminated buildings.

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